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What to read: List of (book) lists

Not sure what to read next? My method for choosing books isn’t too scientific; I choose for all sorts of reasons. I pick new books based on the recommendations from others. I choose based on cover art. I choose based on plot description and author recognition. You could say I’m a bit of a book whore. But by the end of the year, I also scour end-of-the-year book lists for more ideas. My to-read list is always impossibly long and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

A few favorite book lists for 2016:

On this list of lists, NPR’s Book Concierge is the most comprehensive. More than 300 titles with several ways to filter your results including “book club ideas,” “rather long,” “rather short,” and my personal favorite: “the dark side.”

The ten best books of the year plus over 100 notable titles in categories like graphic novels, audio books, and poetry.

Dubbed as “the only major book awards decided by readers,” this annual list of winning titles is always worth a peek. In addition to the usual categories, there's also “Young Adult,” “Humor,” “Picture Books,” and “Food and Cookbooks.”

There are so many lists out there (too many to name here), but with several titles I hadn't seen on other lists, Bookriot’s list just happens to be one of my favorites this year. Also check out their Read Harder Challenge.

Happy reading to all my fellow book nerds!

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