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Big news!

I can finally share the big news: my debut novel, Doll Parts, will be published in Summer 2025 by Sourcebooks.

Here is the Publisher's Marketplace announcement.

It's got Sylvia Plath, grunge music, dark academia vibes, female friendship, grief, and ghosts.

I will have so many more updates, so many people to thank, but for now I am in celebration mode. Please help me celebrate--I'm on all the social media channels (which is, you know, exhausting but fun). Find me and I'll find you back.

I'll be sharing regular updates (Including all the behind-the-scenes processes of querying my agent, being on sub, THE OFFER, and more that I don't even know about yet) on Substack, via Mourning Pages. Please find me there, as well.

Listen to some Hole and Tori Amos for me in the meantime.



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